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The Check Out

May 27, 2021

Evanston Fight for Black Lives is an activist group led by Evanston youth that formed in June 2020 following the murder of George Floyd, when racial justice demonstrations and conversations about White Supremacy in America were taking shape across the country. The group focuses on pursuing abolition and justice for the Black community, holding marches, virtual conversations, sit-ins, and more to help further their cause.

Evanston Township High School grads and EFBL organizers Mollie Hartenstein and Nia Williams discuss what it’s like being a young activist, what abolition means to them, and how they’ve been working through EFBL to combat inequality and injustice in Evanston. We’ll also discuss the concept of mutual aid and how EFBL is working to promote it with projects like Evanston’s Community Fridge.  

To learn more, follow Evanston Fight for Black Lives on Instagram and Facebook.