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The Check Out

Dec 10, 2020

Meleika Gardner has been on an inspiring path with a lot of creative twists and turns. Her early career in Atlanta and Los Angeles included dancing on the road for La Face Records, a joint venture with the recording artist Babyface and Arista Records, and working with the Concord Music Group, learning directly from famed producer Norman Lear. Starting in 2013, Meleika started Evanston Live TV, a social media and YouTube platform she uses to tell important Evanston stories related to politics, social justice, and community affairs. She serves on the board of WE WILL (Women Empowering Women in Local Legislation), and is promoting bills in the Illinois legislature to push for the teaching in our schools of a more complete history of African Americans. Find Evanston Live TV on Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube. Learn more about WE WILL at